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You are invited to fundraise for a worthy cause and change the way we, Eat Drink and Think, through films, forums and educational workshops.

Silkwood School had the pleasure of working with Life Changing Events to host a Fundraising Film Night in Term 4 of 2013. There was a real buzz around the school and keen anticipation for a fun sustainable endeavour! Before the film, visitors had a tour around the school’s native habitats and bush trail, before enjoying healthy, organic snacks in the theatre zone. Parents, children and members of the wider community were in attendance and the expert panel afterwards created a discussion space for people to explore issues and ideas further. Kym and the LOHAS team were amazing, supportive and super enthusiastic to make our film night a success! We are now committed to running a sustainable film night every term.

Hosting a film night enabled our school community and beyond to engage in meaningful connection to contemporary issues in a friendly, inspiring and active capacity.


Having a film night in collaboration with Life Changing Events was an evening filled with inspiring conversations and eye opening ideas. We screened Vanishing of the Bees, we had a fantastic turn out it created a real sense of community and made an impact on the way in which people viewed the importance of bee security in terms of food security and environmental sustainability. The biggest message that people took home from this film was that the answer to the future of our ecosystem is not one person owning thousands of hives, but thousands of people all owning one hive.
The feedback that we have had from people who attended was really positive and a few have invested in their own native hives. We were lucky to have a wonderful group of experts on the panel who were excited to share their knowledge and discuss their areas of expertise with the group. Beginning the night with a tour of our school’s nature trail and learnscape where visitors could view our native bee hives and taste native honey added another dimension to the night.
We are looking forward to having another film screening next term.

Nicola, Silkwood School.

Together we will be the change we want to see in the WORLD!

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